Steeples, Baptistries, Crosses


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Fiberglass Steeples

Steeples range in size, starting with a 1 piece 10ft. spire to a std. 54ft. four-piece
unit. Also available: crosses, cupolas, false & vented louvers, Krinklglas
windows, and lightening protection packages. Domes and finials available.

Each FS steeple is constructed using tubular steel for maximum strength. Each
unit is engineered to withstand wind loads up to 120 mph.

Each steeple is pre-fit for smooth installation. FS uses specially formulated
gel coats to maintain their color and resist hailstones. Custom design available.

Fiberglass Baptistries

We offer many styles and sizes of baptistries. Double entry "T" styles with offset
to front or rear. FS offers "S" double & single entry models, versatile size & price.
New "EZ" model allows the pastor to remain dry outside the baptistry.
New "Portable" model is freestanding and finished inside and out.

Also available: with or without Window, AquaGuard Finish, Filter/Skimmers, Fill
Faucets, Timer, Drain, Remov. Steps, Auto Heat Control Systems. 4 std. Colors.

Fiberglass Crosses

Wall mounted crosses offered in Tapered or Square body styles, ranging
from 4ft to 18ft tall. Designed for interior or exterior use, mounting
brackets are included for easy installation. Backlighting Kits available.
Roof mounted crosses are an easy way to accessorize your church.
Crosses range in height from 36" to 72" and are lightweight and easy
to install. All crosses available in 6 colors. Custom color additional.